Cross 2018

Kang In-Kyu’s father was brutally murdered 13 years ago. To take revenge on those who are responsible for his father’s death, he becomes a doctor. Kang In-Kyu volunteers at a prison medical office where the murderer is imprisoned.

Covington Cross 1992

Covington Cross is a British/American television series that was broadcast on the ABC in the United States from August 25 to October 31, 1992. The program also aired in the United Kingdom and was scheduled to be broadcast in France. The series was filmed and produced in the UK, by a British production company, but it was ultimately accountable to an American network.

Cross Game 2009

Kō Kitamura, whose family owns a sporting goods store, has known the Tsukishima girls since he was born. The Tsukishima family runs a batting center and cafe, and they have four daughters. There's Ichiyo, the responsible eldest; Wakaba, Kō's cheerful best friend; Aoba, who doesn't get along with Kō; and Momiji, the energetic youngest daughter. During the summer of their fifth grade, Wakaba leaves for camp after making a promise with Kō to go to the summer festival when she gets back. But she dies in an accident while at camp, and Kō goes to the summer festival by himself in mourning. When Kō enters high school, he aspires to lead his baseball team to the Koshien National High Schol Championship as their ace pitcher and make Wakaba's last dream come true.

Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons 2014

Humanity has advanced to great heights since it obtained the information technology known as "Mana." With that nearly magical power, problems like war, food shortages, and pollution have been eliminated. This age of peace and freedom, the Empress Angelese of the Misurugi Empire is a privileged girl with no disabilities. She learns, however, that she is a "Norma," a kind of human who cannot use Mana and are outcasts of society. Having lost everything, she is sent to an isolated island. There she meets other Normas who ride in humanoid weapons called Para-mails, protecting the world from dragons invaders from another dimension.

Golden Cross 2014

If you have a chance to enter top 1% super class at a cost of others’ happiness, what would you do? Employee’s net incomes are getting lower and lower but their employer’s salaries increases every year. In the age of rough economy, we are forced to believe prospective economy in the future. Then one day, someone lures you for dirty money. Just by juggling with some figures, you can get a glamorous life from a great deal of money and promotion as well as fancy sports car and luxurious pent house. Will you take this Golden Cross card that will lead you to a totally new world? Everyone wants to live well. Who has never dreamed of this kind of desires? However, what if you need the sacrificial lambs for your desires? Here was a banker who never compromised with the dirty desires. But the price of having this principle was high. For rejecting a dangerous suggestion, he had to pay for it with his life. Here is a son of the dead banker, who jumps into the world of Korean top 1% super class with the purpose of taking revenge for his family’s death. However, before long, the son confronts the moment of the same kind of choice like his father. Between his mission to taking revenge and the desire for a glamorous life filled with the power and money, which one will he choose in the end?

Carland Cross

Carland Cross was an 1996 hardboiled animated television series developed with the collaboration of Belgian, French and Canadian broadcasters. The series spanned 26 episodes and was based on the comics The Adventures of Carland Cross, by Belgian natives Olivier Grenson and Michel Oleffe. Carland Cross tells the story of a fictional British private investigator specializing in curious and inexplicable cases. The series aired late 1996 under the French-language title Carland Coss and in other markets, such as Spanish, as Las aventuras de Carland Cross. Of the 26 episodes, only 3 stories of the original print comic were used: 'The Golem', 'The Monster Under Sea', and 'The Mysteries of The Loch Ness'. Although the television series remains unknown in international television, the animated television series was a success in the late 1990s to early 2000s in European countries such as Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland. However, it was also popular in South America, and especially in Argentina. Currently the series is only aired on Belgium and Swiss broadcasts.

Bridges to Cross 1986

Bridges to Cross is an American drama television series that aired from April 24 until June 12, 1986.

Chris Cross 1994

Chris Cross was a children's sitcom co-produced by Central TV and Cinar, in association with Showtime, in 1993. Based in an English boarding school, it dealt with the transition from single to mixed-sex, and the rivalry between two male characters. It was filmed on location at Thoresby Hall, Nottinghamshire, England. It starred Canadian actress Rachel Blanchard, as the character Dinah.

Criss Cross Quiz

Criss Cross Quiz was a quiz programme that combined the game noughts and crosses with general knowledge questions and aired on the ITV network from 1957 to 1967. It was produced by Granada Television. The programme was presented by Jeremy Hawk from 1957 to 1962 and Barbara Kelly from 1963 to 1967. The series was based on an American show entitled Tic Tac Dough which ran from 1956 to 1959 and was revived in 1978. Additionally, a children's version of the show called Junior Criss Cross Quiz was produced starting in 1957. Kids played the game, but for prizes instead of money. This series ran from 13 November 1957 to 29 June 1967. Presenters on the children's version were: Jeremy Hawk, Chris Kelly, Bob Holness, Mike Sarne, Chris Howland, Gordon Luck, Peter Wheeler, Bill Grundy, Danny Blanchflower and Barbara Kelly.

Baba's Cross Connection

Baba's Cross Connection is an Indian television show featuring rapper Baba Sehgal on Imagine Showbiz. On the show, Baba sings about family and romantic relationships.

Victoria Cross Heroes 2006

Victoria Cross Heroes is a three-part television docudrama recipients first broadcast by Five in 2006 that tells the stories of some of the recipients of the Victoria Cross.

The Cross-Wits

The Cross-Wits is an American syndicated game show which premiered on December 15, 1975 and lasted for five seasons until its cancellation on September 12, 1980. The show was hosted by Jack Clark, with Jerri Fiala as hostess. Announcing duties were handled by John Harlan, Jay Stewart, and Jerry Bishop. The show was produced by Ralph Edwards Productions and distributed by Metromedia Producers Corporation. A second version began airing on September 8, 1986, titled The All-New Crosswits, and was hosted by David Sparks with Michelle Roth as announcer. This version was produced by Crossedwits Productions in association with Outlet Communications, Inc., and distributed by ABR Entertainment. Both versions were produced as daily shows, although the original Cross-Wits aired in many markets as either a once- or twice-weekly series.

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